MICRO 8/2 System

Compact system for infusing or vacuum bagging smaller composite parts. Sorry, only available for 230 volt/50 Hz power supply.

The Vacmobile MICRO 8/2 mobile vacuum system is suitable for resin infusing or vacuum bagging small to medium sized parts up to about 20 m² (215 ft²) in area, as long as the resin overflow from the part will be less than 2 litres (4 pints).
MICRO Cover 2
While small in size, the MICRO 8/2 is a continuous duty machine suitable for industrial use, field repairs, training/research and high quality hobby composites. With a noise output of just 60 dB (A), the MICRO 8/2 is ideal for quiet environments. The MICRO 8/2 can be supplied in bench-top format or complete with an optional mobile docking station [cart].


Move closer to your work

The MICRO 8/2 is lightweight and exceptionally mobile. This allows the machine to be placed wherever vacuum is required. The need for inflexible, expensive and leak-prone vacuum distribution pipe work is completely eliminated. Vacuum quality and productivity will both be improved.

Compact & lightweight without sacrificing performance

Although a continuous heavy duty machine, the MICRO 8/2 has a compact footprint, measuring only 373 mm (L) x 345 mm (W) x 468 mm (H) [14.7” x 13.6” x 18.4”]. It weighs in at just 20.5 kg (45.2 lb). [Dimensions & weight exclude optional cart.]
MICRO Decibels

Low noise output for quiet environments

The MICRO 8/2 has a low noise output of just 60 dB(A), making this model the ideal choice for quiet environments where additional noise would be undesirable – training situations and laboratories, for example.
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Vacmobiles Micro Sectional Cutaway NumberedSame tough features as our big machines, in a very compact package

  1. Optional toughened glass resin trap lid.  Allows collected resin level to be viewed at any time.  Great for peace of mind.
  2. Very effective O-ring sealed tubing connections.
  3. Disposable resin catchpot for no mess resin removal.  2 litre / 4 pint capacity.
  4. Aluminium resin trap body
  5. Solid manifold block, mechanically keyed to the resin trap body and Viton O-ring sealed.  Cannot loosen or leak with use.
  6. 19 mm (3/4”) O-ring sealed connection for auxiliary resin trap.
  7. Vacuum gauge.
  8. Absolute pressure gauge connection.
  9. Vacuum pump isolation valve, mechanically supported at both ends.  Cannot loosen with use.
  10. Flexible connection to vacuum pump.

The MICRO 8/2 mobile vacuum system arrives complete with an integrated resin trap, vacuum gauge, vacuum regulation valve, paper element inlet filter and motor overload protection. Robustly constructed from proven Vacmobile components, including our unique O-ring sealed trap lid tubing connections, vacuum integrity is assured over a long working life.

Vacuum pump

  • PVR EM8/B. 50 Hz capacity 8.5 m³/h (5 cfm).

Power supply

  • 230 V + 5%, 50 Hz single phase only. Sorry 115 V, 60 Hz pumps not available.

Vacuum level

  • Adjustable from approximately 20% vacuum to the pump’s maximum vacuum: 20 mbar, 98% vacuum, 15 Torr, 29.3” Hg, -14.4 psi, -99.3 kPa.

Resin catch pot

  • 2 litres (4.2 US pints).

Trap lid connections

  • 2 connections in 4 optional sizes to suit the following outside diameter extruded tubes: 3/8” to 10 mm, 12  to 12.5 mm, 1/2” to 13 mm, 5/8” to 16 mm, or 19 mm to 3/4”.
  • On all standard tubing sizes, high integrity vacuum connections are quickly and reliably achieved at the trap lid via O-ring seals on the outside of the tube.
  • Mastic is not required on tube joints.

Trap lid options

  • Pressed steel lid (catchpot contents not visible under vacuum), or toughened glass lid (which allows catchpot contents to be viewed at all times).
  • The toughened glass lid is recommended for infusion applications.


  • Full repair/replacement warranty applicable worldwide.
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