Vacuum tubing, spiral wrap and other consumables for composites applications

Helpful note for customers outside New Zealand

Consumables PDF IconWe are New Zealand’s major supplier of polyethylene vacuum tubing and spiral cut distribution tubing for composites applications.  Our tubing is made from virgin polyethylene and is of excellent quality.  It is resistant to collapse when bent, even at high ambient temperatures.  It also recovers its shape well after being clamped off.  Unfortunately, delivery of polyethylene tubing by airfreight is expensive because of its low packing density.  While we are pleased to supply starter quantities of tubing at no charge with our machines, we recommend that our non-New Zealand customers look for local suppliers of vacuum tubing and spiral cut tubing.  Sources of supply can be polyethylene extruders, hose and pipe distributors, compressed air equipment suppliers and irrigation equipment suppliers.

If sourcing vacuum tubing and spiral cut tubing in your local region we recommend asking for translucent tubing, as this allows resin movement to be observed.  While cost is obviously important, we recommend avoiding very low cost tubing as this is often thin walled for pressure duty only, or made completely from weaker reground material.  Low cost tubing can be prone to collapse under vacuum, particularly in hot climates.  Unless known to be suitable for vacuum duty, always test both vacuum tubing and spiral cut tubing for suitability before committing to a quantity purchase.

Polyethylene vacuum tubing

Our premium quality polyethylene tubing resists vacuum collapse at high ambient temperatures and recovers well after clamping off.

Outside diameter:
10 mm (0.39”) | 12.7 mm (0.5”) | 15.9 mm (0.63”) | 23 mm (0.91”)
Inside diameter:
6.7 mm (0.26”) | 9.5 mm (0.37”) | 12 mm (0.46”) | 19 mm (0.75”)
Coil length:
100 metres (328”) | 100 metres (328”) | 50 metres (164”) | 100 metres (328”)

Spiral cut translucent extruded polyethylene distribution tubing (Spiral wrap)

Translucent polyethylene spiral wrap.  Resistant to vacuum collapse at high ambient temperatures and allows visible inspection of resin movement.

Outside diameter: 
10 mm (0.39”) | 12 mm (0.47”) | 20 mm (0.79”)
Inside diameter: 
7 mm (0.28”) | 8.5 mm (0.33”) | 16 mm (0.63”)
Coil length: 
15 metres (49”) | 15 metres (49”) | 15 metres (49”)

Tubing cutter

Tubing cutter for clean cuts in polyethylene tubing up to 23 mm (0.9”) in diameter.

Disposable O-ring sealed valves

Low cost valves to suit 12.7 mm (1/2”) and 19 mm (3/4”) inside diameter tubing.  O-ring sealed, but O-rings not suitable for long term exposure to solvents such as styrene.  Normally limited to single uses when infusing.

Plastic fittings

Joiners, elbows and tees to suit our standard tubing.

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