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What users around the world have to say about their Vacmobiles...

Vacmobiles have been meeting the vacuum needs of composite manufacturers, researchers and hobbyists around the world since 2006.  The following is the feedback received from some of them.  In a few cases, the company name has been withheld where the company’s condition of purchase request this.

The feedback is grouped by model series.  If interested in a particular model, please check under the model heading.

Vacmobile Modular series users

After 1 ½ years of use …
“Your machine has proven itself to me during this time, we simply love to work with it. The quality is great, simple, yet very sophisticated.”
Balint Engel
SkyEye Global

“I have just finished assembling the mobiles and I have to admit, these things are gorgeous and your instructions are incredible!”
Christopher Caruso
Name withheld Fortune 500 company
South Carolina

After 2 ½ years of use …
“It's two and a half years since we received this unbelievable piece of a vacuum pump from you!  And it's still working - just like new!  But it's now time for another one.  What do you recommend?
We really didn't have much problems with the vacuum infusion process.  We learned a lot in a short time, developing our own methods for each product, but at the same time always searching for better ways of doing "things".  Looking forward for your recommendation.”
Arnulf Sandvik
AJ Fishing Industries
Sri Lanka

“Thank you for all the ideal support and GORGEOUS and well-engineered system!”
Jeffrey M. Kezerian | President
Simulations, LLC

After 9 months of use …
“We love our Vacmobile!”
Shannon Logue
French Yachts

After 12 months of use …
“We used the machine for our small boat and it give us excellent results.  Soon we will start on our 39’ boat and would like another machine with all accessories.”
Khalifa Al Mohairy
Abu Dhabi

After 3 years of use …
“My vacuum pump is working perfectly. You always provide a very high quality product and great customer service. Couldn't be happier!”
Jason Mooney

“I would just like to let you know that we received the shipment today and we were stunned with the quality of the pump and the overall attention to detail.   Myself and Leigh, were truly amazed from the professionalism and detail your products are set up with. 

I would like to congratulate you for this and thank you for putting in so much attention and thought. It must be the first time that I feel that what we bought worth every penny.”

Christos Karyofyllis
Project Manager, Boat Manufacturing
Instinct Marine, UAE

After 2 years of use …
“We purchased MODULAR 2S System in summer of 2014 and are very satisfied. Therefore we would like to purchase one more.”
University of Washington - Seattle

After 5 months of use …
“Your machines are working great”
Richard Jenkins
Saildrone Inc

“Everything is working well. I'm impressed with everything about the product and the buying experience. Even the pallet seems too nice to throw away.  The pump is quieter than expected and the absolute pressure gauge really is a great improvement over an analog gauge.”
Bryan Phillips
Amphibious Marine Inc
Shelton, WA 

“Your Vacmobile system is really the best one that we have ever seen. The compactness, environmental friendly(less noise), and the efficiency are some of its advantage over other systems.”
Ermias Gebrekidan Koricho
Composite Vehicle Research Center
Michigan State University

After 3 ½ years of use …
“Machine is running great. Has been really good to us.”
Andy McCoy
Andy McCoy Race Cars

“We have at least one of the pumps running 8 hours/day. We're very satisfied with the work we get out of your pumps. Thank You!”
Bernard Lamprecht
Bakri Cono Shipyard

After 3 years of use …
“We do love your pumps here at Zee!”
Chris Sahagun
Zee.Aero Bayshore

“It is so compact, handy and powerful. And it hums much more nicely than our previous pump!”
Anton Khomenko
Composite Vehicle Research Center
Michigan State University

“I have to congratulate you on such a well detailed machine. It’s working great!”
Paul Schnaas
VULH (Supercar manufacturer) 

“The 2 Vacmobiles which you have sent me are excellent, I am really happy with them, very easy to use, very powerful.”
Andrew Edge
Prototyping Manager
Blade Dynamics

“What a beautifully designed and made machine it is!”
Bill Shelley
Technical Services Coordinator
University of Canberra

“Perfect packaging, perfect presentation, excellent product.  We are very happy with it all.  We have already used it in 1 important infusion demonstration and all was perfect.”
Borja Galofré
MEL Composites

“After receiving it 3 weeks ago (for a project in Egypt) the unit was running nearly 24/7! Every Infusion went perfect!  Love the pump! Wish I could get one for me!”
Gregor Haeberlin
Haeberlin Composites
Infusion trainers
New Zealand

“Works fantastic the techs love it.  Can’t wait to do some large infusion.”
Michael A.Reardon
Carbon Yachts LLC
Connecticut, USA 
Saint Tropez

“The pump arrived today. I have to say I have never had that much fun unpacking something. You guys do a great job there. It assembled very quickly with no problems. I can’t wait to infuse with it on Monday.”
Chris Urquhart
Advanced Structures & Composites
University of Maine, USA 

“We have been using your WONDERFUL 2S system for vacuum bagging and some de-gassing procedures.  WE ALL LOVE IT!!!  People here have commented on how nice the system has been thought out and implemented!!  Your product is simply AWESOME!!

I truly look forward to doing business with Vacmobiles again in the future!!”  (They have …)
Kelly Carter
California, USA 

“I have been meaning to contact you to give you some feedback on the units, as we are hugely impressed by all elements of your company.  The customer service, delivery, quality and performance is all outstanding. You will certainly be gaining repeat business from us.  (We did!)

The units have both been operating 24/7 since delivery, and there has been no hint at a problem. The hose diameter converters and seals have been especially helpful.”

James Martin
Name withheld Fortune 500 company
Louisiana, USA 

“I'm very happy with your equipment. It performs flawlessly and is a pleasure to use.”
Dallas Babineaux
Hobby boat builder (Farrier F39 trimaran)

“We are very pleased with the machine.  The valves work great and the system of putting tubes in the vessel (resin trap) works fantastic.  You don’t need to drill them out and the resin falls directly into the catchpot.  We should have bought this equipment one year ago!”
Jo Mestdagh
NV Bekaert SA

“The unit hasn’t missed a beat since we started using it. 
All good.”

Fan Blades Ltd
New Zealand

“Yesterday we unpack VacMobile and test it in our work conditions.
All works excellent - fully corresponds with our expectations. Guys from our plastic department are glad.  So, I need to thank you for:
1. Good machine.
2. Good price.
3. Good terms of delivery.
4. Good paperwork
5. Fast speed of reaction.

And also in future, if we need another vacuum machine - I will contact you without a doubt.”
Andrew Navruzov
Horizont 12 Aeropsace
Kiev, Ukraine 

“I did the first prepreg project with your fabulous vacuum system.  It's by far the best system that I’ve had the pleasure to work with.  It looks like a high quality system, it sounds like a high quality system and it performs like a high quality system!

I shall highly recommend your systems whenever I can and look forward to doing more business with Vacmobiles in the future.” 

Kelly Carter

“I have to mention some striking details for me as end user:
  • First of all the very promptly shipping by Fedex, in just three days from New Zealand to my workshop in the Netherlands.
  • The package of the equipment is outstanding, very sturdy and well thought out. I can recognize a labor of love.
  • It is a really ready to use out of the box system for the normal 220V 50Hz power supply in our country.
  • Some very smart details in the resin trap, such as the high integrity vacuum connections, the silicone rubber guide tubes to reduce resin spatter, a resin contamination only to disposable surfaces such as the disposable clear PVC shield that protects the glass view port, the easy removal of the trap lid by two quarter turn twist-lock handles and a vacuum pump connection on the side of trap body, not on trap lid so the pump connection is not disturbed when trap lid is removed.  And not to forget a small LED torchlight for a watching eye on the resin level in the resin trap (detail!)
  • In my personal view the whole system excels in craftsmanship and durability.
Please drop me a line when you want to see the 2S system in action. There are some possibilities in my workshop or by assisting you as primary or secondary system for your own infusions.”
Henny van Oortmarssen (boat builder)
The Netherlands

“The machine is working perfectly to our requirements.”
Aaron Tso
Buckley Systems
New Zealand

Vacmobile 20/2 users

After using his machine for 4 years ...
“Your Vacmobile is one of my most prized possessions, mainly due to the fact that it’s a workhorse without any equal. I've done extremely large infusions with it.  I'm very happy with your machine!”
Naresh Sharma
NASHERO s.r.l.
Croce, Italy

“The machine meets absolutely our needs. It´s the most used machine in our laboratory, and we have had no problems. It is very easy to handle and the resin trap is also very practicable. We make small wing airfoils in different carbon constructions.”
Eva Windbacher-Schwager
FH Joanneum University

“Just to let you know the pump is performing wonderfully, thanks.”
Mark Forrest
Wartsila UK

“Bladerunner Boats cannot do without our Vacmobile.  Since purchasing a 20/2 machine, a RT19 Resin trap and other manifolds, plus quality consumables etc. I have managed to expand my vacuum capabilities to embrace any composite manufacturing problem that comes through my door!  All Vacmobile equipment is simple to assemble into any configuration.  In my case this has given me an adjustable capacity to tackle from small intricate jobs to 45ft hulls with complete confidence.”
John Hayes
Bladerunner Boats

“If you are looking for the best then this is it. I have used these in the past and recently got a new one for work. Despite their small size they do a great job and are very quiet. The guys from Vacmobiles are great to deal with”
Brent Tucker
Production manager 
Rivers Carbon Technologies

“We love the Vacmobile!  Works like a champ and has exceeded our expectations in its user-friendliness, performance, etc.  The guys take care of it very well.”
Tim Wilson
Wilson Composites
South Carolina

“I am extremely satisfied with the performance of the machine, and I thank you again for your good help and support. I would recommend you anytime!”
Jeremy Cortis 
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Malta

“Your pumps are great!  
Patrick Mack
The Nano Steel Co

Extract from a letter written by American composites trainer Andre Cocquyt to a company setting up a new composites lab
“... I think you'd be happier with a Vacmobile, it has a lot more bells and whistles -and wheels too.  I don't know if you've seen the ones I use in Maine, they're great and have not given a single bit of trouble since 2007.  We got two 20/2 models, but the Dual Vac would be best for the lab, you could do light RTM with it too.”
Andre Cocquyt

“The Vacmobile is working really well, best $ ever spent on equipment.”
Arnold Robb
Universal Fan & Blower Ltd
Bloomfield, Ontario, Canada

“R2D2 is awesome! [R2D2 is the customer’s pet name for the machine!]
Michael Jaworski
NV Catamarans Inc
Miller Lake, Ontario, Canada

“Very impressive packaging and the equipment is as solid and well thought out as I had anticipated. I can't wait to use it, but I'm still waiting on my fabric shipment.  Thanks again!”
Amateur boat builder 
Reston, Virginia

“I just wanted to let you know our large infusion worked perfectly.  Your pump and trap work really well.”
Southern Ocean Marine
Tauranga, New Zealand

MICRO users

On unpacking the machine …
“We have received the infusion set up from you today. The design is fantastic and very robust! The trolley is superb! I like it!!  Normally, it will not be easy for the customer to assemble and start the tests quickly in any new equipment.  In your case: I find it very perfect in every aspect. Very compact too!”

And, after using the machine:
“I acknowledge that we installed Vacmobile and ran a polyester matrix glass panel infusion. It was perfect! There was no leak and it was excellent!”
Dr Johan Singh
Name withheld Fortune 500 company

“Our Vac Mobile arrived yesterday.  We are very impressed with the quality of your machine - great attention to detail.”
Brad McKernan
McKernan Restoration

Vacmobile Resin trap/degassing vessel users

“The vac pump and chamber hasn’t stopped working. Its fantastic works like a dream.”
Paul Hackett
CompoTool Limited

Special systems

The following was from a potential customer in the USA, who we reluctantly offered some special machines to because they were bulky and would involve significant shipping cost.  We proposed supplying certain components only, which they could incorporate into locally assembled packages.
“I have to say in all honesty that we are particularly interested in the finished product you produce as it is quite frankly the best stuff out there. It is your attention to the details from the packaging on out to the repair kits that we are interested in. I know it's a pain in the rear to get these things to California, but I appreciate your efforts in providing a quote for these as finished units.” 
Michael Kent
Name withheld Fortune 500 company

Vacmobile precision tubing clamp users

“We would like to have a few more Vacmobiles tubing clamps.  Your clamps have already proven their worth in head-to-head testing in our lab.”
Dennis Loebs
NEXT Boatworks

Vacmobile component (such as tubing glands) users

“I have already received the shipment (which was delivered within 4 working days). I am very happy with everything, the pieces are of the highest quality, thank you very much for all your good advice and explanations, very happy to belong to the family Vacmobiles.
Ernesto Garcia Prieto

Delivery & service comments

“It is very remarkable that your shipping from New Zealand to Holland is much faster than our local shipping in Holland, not to say within Europe.  Wow!  I think we received the package last Wednesday or Thursday (it was dispatched on Tuesday).  I wasn't there until Saturday morning when I saw the package in my workshop. 

Many thanks for the great service.”
Henny van Oortmarssen (boat builder)
The Netherlands

And, even after a motor start capacitor failed …
“Parts received – unit back in service! (In 2 working days) Thank you so much for your help. We love our Vacmobiles.” 
Dave Barry
Great Bay Community College
New Hampshire
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